Urban spaces, art and research. Audiovisual explorations.

by Cristina Palmese and José Luis Carles

Two researchers-artists from Madrid and Napoli, José Luis Carles and Cristina Palmese, are exploring the urban environments and ambiences together in different cities. Cristina is an architect and video-producer and José Luis is a composer. They will present a collection of audio and video pieces about their work in different cities in Spain, Italy and France.

Thursday 29th, at 15:00 at the Swedish Centre of Architecture and Design,
Adress: Svensksundsvägen 15 B, Skeppsholmen, back entrance of the museum.
Gamla verkstan

A propos de Bourges, 2007 : 13’
Componiendo la ciudad: Madrid-Napoles (Composing the city: Madrid-Naples), 2011:13’
Documentaries on the sensorial qualities of the south-European city.Fragments at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUS7rPFNcZ0 and vimeo.com/53854858

La ciudad por debajo (The under-city), 2011: 2’
No me gustan las gaviotas (I do not like seagulls), 2012: 2’
Sobre Cuenca (Above Cuenca), 2006: 7’
Short-films exploring different audio-visual tools
Preview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xim5lxZcgbQ

Lazos temporales (Temporal links), 2013: 5’
Work in progress. From research to new music-multimedia expressions

Cristina Palmese is an Italian architect specialized in urban planning by the University of Naples, It. Her professional and research activities concern urban planning projects, audiovisual productions, multimedia installations and stage design. Her work has been presented in different festivals and congresses, as well as specialized publications on music and architecture, audiovisual interaction and soundscape studies, subjects in which she has lectured in different courses and workshops. Founder of Crossroads Office.

José Luis Carles is a composer and biologist specialized in Acoustic Ecology. Senior lecturer at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in sound and audiovisual methods. Member or research leader of several research projects in the fields of psycho-acoustics, acoustic ecology and the effects of noise and soundscapes, presenting his work in different national and international conferences. 1st Prize Concours d’Art sonore et Musique electroacoustique, Imeb-Bourges, Fr. 2006, with the piece L’onde. Award Best Communication for his work Multimedia Square (AVANCA Festival | CINEMA 2011. Portugal).

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