An International Artistic Research Conference with Actions in Public Space

September 9-12, 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

The conference was organised by artists/researchers Ricardo Atienza and Monica Sand with the intention to stage a conference based on sharing artistic methods for activations/interventions in the public in a collaborative and supportive setting. The conference took place in different public settings with the main starting point; Medborgarplatsen (the Citizen square).  


2016: Playing the Space: Playing the Space: Resonance, Re-action and the Conference Re(s)onArt, by Monica Sand and Ricardo Atienza, in Artistic Research Yearbook 2016, Swedish Research Council, s. 52-61
Medborgare på Medborgarplatsen, i Hållbar stad, av Monica Sand

Call for Action (pdf)

About the conference Re(s)on-Art

Hökarängenliten Why Stockholm? A background Globally, cities are in fast transformation with a significant expansion of consumption and tourism. Citizens are transformed into consumers, within the illusion of the individual choice. Further, this contemporary global economical order forces displacements and makes human basic needs visible; public consumption of food, accommodation and health is faced by the vulnerable and exposed bodies of homeless people, beggars, refugees, immigrants, non-citizens, unemployed, people without rights populating the urban shopping streets, not least in Stockholm. Sweden has by far the most shopping malls per capita in Europe. Even art and culture function as commodities in a market that transform artists into brands in the “creative city”. Artistic ideas and interventions are quickly incorporated in global advertising, tourism and commercial events; for example graffiti and public performances. The conference Re(son)-Art took place just before the Swedish national and local election (Sept. 14), a second reminder in 2014 of the meaning of democracy and citizenship: European citizens elect their representatives to the European Parliament in May 25.
Questions: What kind of public and space do one actually understands by “public space”? What kind of “freedom of expression” do we connect to it? Who is inhabiting and makes use of public space and how? One way to understand public space is to activate it through artistic means.

Resonart_group1The aim of the conference Re(son)-Art was to explore public daily situations and to encourage daily urban awareness by collective actions, described as “the art of resonating with/in/through the city”. This means that the exploration took the form of careful interventions, based in the participants’ own research and artistic practise. How could spatial transformations be played out, how does it sound, what rhythms does it reinforce? What kind of different voices, expressions and collective actions are supported by contemporary architecture and planning? Where do we find interesting thought-provoking social and cultural manifestations? Artists/researchers/architects/planners contributed with differents actions collectively performed during the conference in Stockholm. The planned action was developed and performed in situ, during the conference, by the participants under guidance of the proponents. In this collective setting a wide range of methods, theories and tools contributed to our knowledge of how the public space is used and appropriated in daily life.


Tuesday September 9: 2pm: Opening session of Re(s)on-Art, at ArkDes, Centre for Architecture and Design, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.  Presentation of the conference and its aims. Presentation and planning of the actions.  Session held at “Gröna Ateljer” (access by the main entrance of the museum and ask at the reception. ArkDes and Modernamuseet share the same access and hall). 5.30pm: Picnic at ArkDes gardens. Everyone is welcome: just bring a blanket, food and beverage (organizers will provide for the performing artists and researchers of Re(s)on-Art)

Wednesday September 10 Public actions at Medborgarplatsen. Meeting point: the centre of the square.
9.30 am: Cecilia Parsberg, Kropp på gata / Body on the street
11.00 am: Guillermo Lares, Ensayos con fuentes sonoras / Essais with sounding fountains
12.00 am: José Luis Carles / Cristina Palmese, Exploring the walk
1.00 pm: Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Rhythms of Presence – Here Drum
________lunch break_________
3.00 pm: Chris Porcarelli, Soniferous Mingle
5.00 pm: María Andueza / Abelardo Gil-Fournier, Immigrant Sounds
6.00 pm: My Lindh / Monica Sand, Rösträtt/Suffrage – Poetry politics

Thursday September 11 Public actions at Medborgarplatsen / Sergels Torg / T-centralen.
9.30 am: Ulrika Jansson, Natural Citizenship, T-centralen, train station, main entrance (Vasagatan)
10.30 am: Pablo Padilla, Verklärte Stadt, Sergels Torg
12.oo am: Tianji Zhao / Max Gerthel, Hold your breath, Sergels Torg
________lunch break_________
2.00 pm: Yulia Krivtsova / Sergey Kremnev, Architecture of movement, Kindstugatan / Själagårdsgatan, Gamla Stan
3.00 pm: Jenny Simmar / Olivia Berkowicz / Joe Campbell, Vigil III, Medborgarplatsen
7.00 pm: Reception at the Spanish Embassy for the performing artists and researchers of Re(s)on-Art.

Friday September 12: 9.30pm: Concluding session of Re(s)on-Art, at ArkDes, Centre for Architecture and Design, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm. Session held at “Gröna Ateljer”.  Collective discussion on the result of the actions.

Artists and actions

María Andueza / Abelardo Gil-Fournier curator, artists and researchers, Madrid Immigrant Sounds is a participatory exploration of the urban space throughout concepts such as presence, permanence, displacement or settlement. During the performance the participants will freely move in a particular area of the city while carrying a small electronic device that will broadcast a cicada-like sound, characteristic of the sonic environment of southern countries.

José Luis Carles / Cristina Palmese composer and researcher / architect, artist and researcher Universidad Autónoma Madrid / Universidad Politécnica Madrid Exploring the walk Con la acción “Explorando el recorrido” queremos reflexionar sobre el recorrido como herramienta de exploración del espacio y al mismo tiempo sobre un recorrido concreto, explorando de manera crítica nuestra manera de recorrerlo, de percibirlo, de tocarlo, olerlo, de escucharlo. Nuestro interés es profundizar en las sensaciones del cuerpo, es decir, no sólo en la construcción racional de lo percibido sino en cómo nuestro cuerpo responde. With the action “Exploring the walk” we intend to reflect upon the walk as a tool to explore the space, at the same time we want to focus on a specific walk and explore critically how we stroll, run, perceive, touch, smell, listen along this path… Our goal is to address our bodily sensations, not only the rational reconstruction of what we perceive, but mainly how our bodies respond.

Ulrika Jansson artist, Sweden Natural Citizenship will play with the body language used in Natural Horsemanship and try it out on people in the city. What movements can be used to prevent people walking into you in the streets? How to communicate with the stressed citizens of Stockholm using body language? What would be the new body language that can be used to acknowledge and show respect towards other citizens we share the city with?

Yulia Krivtsova / Sergey Kremnev Performing artist, curator /architect, performing artist, curator. Yaroslavl, Russia Architecture of movement Making projects for citizens we constantly think about changes: what is need to change? where is it possible and where not? Changing people or changing ourselves? For what reason would people like to join and act? What instruments and resources do we have? We’ve chosen as a place of action the small triangle square in Old town where cafe “Under Kashtanjien” is situated. It is a spontaneous meeting point for people who live here and perceive the square as a part of their ordinary life or even home, and tourists who are surprised and curious about the space, observe people, take pictures, speak different languages. The space is particular with a circle of benches which forms a round dance and unites different people. We propose a some kind of chess playing here: everybody would have own moves, could be a host and a guest, do some change or observe the situation always changed. By means of body, voice, simple materials we try to create a unique sense of this public place in Stockholm.

Guillermo Lares architect and sound-artist, Venezuela / Berlin Ensayos con fuentes sonoras introduce en un espacio de la ciudad sonidos provenientes de grabaciones de fuentes de agua para simular una fuente da agua temporal. Esta acción pretende a partir del efecto sonoro y psicológico que producen las fuentes de agua, transformar la atmósfera del lugar al enmascarar ciertos tipos de sonidos e incorporar otros nuevos al paisaje sonoro existente. “Essays with sounding fountains” introduces the recorded sound of water fountains into a urban space to simulate temporary water sources. This action explores the sonic and psychological potential of water sounds for transforming the atmosphere of a place by masking specific sounds while introducing new ones into its soundscape.

My Lindh / Monica Sand artists / researcher, Sweden Rösträtt/Suffrage Ta med en skönlitterär text på ett språk du tycker om att läsa på. Alla läser samtidigt utspridda på torget. Varva läsande med att vandra omkring och lyssna på andra som läser. Gemensamt sätter vi igång en poetisk process där röster, närvaro och associationer väver samman en offentlig plats, trots att ingen läser samma sak. På det sättet erövrar vi rätten till vår röst i det offentliga rummet och manifesterar ett Sverige med många olika röster, språk och erfarenheter. Genom skönlitteraturen bärs våra röster av historien och historiens röster av våra. Bring a fictional text, in any language you like to read in. Alternate reading with strolling, while listening to the others reading. Together we start a poetic process, where voices, movements and associations interweave the public space, even if nobody reads the same text. In this way, we prove the right to make our voices heard in the public space and manifest a Sweden with many different voices, languages and experiences.

Pavel Matveyev artist, Sweden / Russia I wanted you to feel the same #1 The city is a system of rules, a complexity of common understanding and agreement of what’s allowed and what’s forbidden, a structure with a manual, an environment created to anticipate its inhabitants’, visitors’ and transit passengers’ needs. But what happens if one suddenly feels different, if one has a secret desire for some sort of unconventional experience? What if one feels like doing something that is neither allowed nor forbidden, but probably not expected?

Pablo Padilla architect / artist, London Verklärte Stadt is a non-immersive site-specific installation. Considering the whole perceptual scene as an object, as a malleable material apt for any kind of transformations, in this action the soundscape and its surrounding environment shrink into disfigured elements. Disrupting and manipulating the scale of time and space, the immersive experience of the soundscape is transfigured into a handful of a tangible objects.

Cecilia Parsberg Umeå Konsthögskola & Konstnärliga Forskarskolan, Malmö/Lund Kropp på gata / Body on the street The informal politics of distribution on the streets makes visible the faults inherent to the European welfare system. At the same time it contributes to the immediate survival of individuals.  The workshop Body on street – kropp på gata (swedish) – is an ongoing photo-demonstration by and with many. The begging is fairly new entrant into the street space and there are many who do not know how to relate to this, physically and mentally. How does it feel? I experience a distance, almost a chasm between me and those who are begging. Overall, it feels like the street’s atmosphere has changed; something has happened in the social climate that feels substantial and yet not defined. Is it solidarity, the ability to be touched? How does it feel for you? Would you like to participate, discuss and make a photo? You can see and read more on (Swedish). Go directly to the project site:

Chris Porcarelli artist, USA-Sweden Soniferous Mingle Can new feelings of access, entitlement, and connection to a space come from the use of sculptural sound devices created for interaction and outdoor places? Are acts of communication, movement and creativity in the production of sound an effective way to connect with others and to challenge, listen and learn from an urban environment?

Jenny Simmar / Olivia Berkowicz / Joe Campbell Galleri Plywood, Sweden Vigil III The actions Vigil I and Vigil II (1970s, Polish collective Akademia Ruchu) highlights how urban space can transform a peaceful corporeal expression into something potentially menacing. It resonates with the city on two levels; firstly, it disrupts and congests the everyday movement of the city and secondly, it explores the revolutionary potential of simple body positions expressed as a group of people. http://skä

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec Academy of Art and Design in Bergen – KhiB, Norway Rhythms of Presence – Here Drum This sound intervention focuses its attention on the imperceptible rhythms of everyday walking in public space through attentively listening to and actively engaging with this quotidian activity. The intervention investigates how the activity of walking influences lived experience of a public space and how it manifests presence by focusing solely on the temporalities of rhythms of steps.

Tianji Zhao / Max Gerthel Institute for Provocation, Beijing Hold your breath Stockholm and Beijing arguably constitute two opposites of global capitals: A clean, green, hi-tech, stylish and environmentally aware capital of a small country with a good social welfare system, versus a huge, ugly, distributed, lo-tech, dirty and polluted capital of the biggest country in the world, suffering from a GINI-coefficient approaching its average Air Quality Index.

Evaluation Committee:

Ricardo Atienza / Monica Sand architect, researcher and artist, architect / artist and researcher Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design
Anna Laine artist/anthropologist Stockholm University, Ethnographic museum Stockholm
Jonathan Metzger economic historian / researcher Urban and Regional Studies, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm
José Luis Carles / Cristina Palmese composer and researcher / architect, artist and researcher Universidad Autónoma Madrid / Universidad Politécnica Madrid Organizer of the II international conference “Sonic and Audiovisual Spaces”, Madrid
Raquel Rivera Curator of the Sound Art Festival FASE, Berlin


Call for Action
Welcome to participate in an international artistic research conference organized within the research project: In Situ-Action: Resonance, Improvisation and Variation of Public Space at the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design.
The conference is planned in collaboration with and coordinated as the second of three international events in 2014
FASE, Sound Art Festival in Berlin June 11-13. Coordinator: Raquel Rivera
Re(s)on-Art, in Stockholm Sept. 9-12. Coordinators: Ricardo Atienza, Monica Sand.
International Congress on Sonic and Audivisual Spaces, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Dec 2-5. Coordinator: José Luis Carles.Application/Publication (deadline in July 2014)

We welcome applications written in the Scandinavian and Latin languages (preferable your own) or English. It should contain a clear description of a short action (20-30 min) in text, drawings, maps, images, collage or other means; carefully composed on One Page: 1. Title of action. Names and professions of the group, freelance/institution. 2. Aim and questions: Describe which daily situation the action highlights, how it resonates with the city, its background/theory/concepts 3. Description and instructions for the action, kind of place (square/street/metro/building or other), time of day, amount of people in the action….. 4. Documentation: describe how documentation is consciously integrated in the action The One Page composition will be part of a final publication – a “Book of Instructions” including a selection of the proposed actions and documentations of the actions performed during the conference. Tools: Since the aim of the actions is to encourage daily urban awareness, the actions proposed should not require other technological tools than normally used in the situation. Economy: Fee 0. Travel, accommodation and daily costs are paid by the participants themselves.
Selection Process: Send your application to: before June 16, 2014. You will receive an answer to the application in the beginning of July.

Resonart_group4 With support from

– VR, Vetenskapsrådet, Swedish Research Council – Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, Stockholm – AC/E, Acción cultural española, PICE program / Mobility – The Spanish Embassy, Stockholm – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, research network Spaces, Landscapes and Sonic Cultures. Resonart_group2Photos: Maria Andueza, Sten Hellman, Eduardo Abrantes, Johan Westin LogotypVR_liggande_farg_webb ArkDes-logo logo_ACE Embajada+Suecia+CE-color copia