LUR, Live Urban Radio


Exploring the limits and possibilities of our daily environments

LUR (Live Urban Radio) is an artistic research initiative with an aim to collectively experience, question and share our urban ambiences in ordinary, but unexpected, ways. Ordinary because the tools employed belong to our daily experience of the city; unexpected since these daily modes, unnoticed in their everyday practice, are reinterpreted, diverted from their “normal functions” and meanings, so as to provide new perspectives on everyday situations. In a collective – artists, architects, musicians and dancers – are asked to propose different urban explorations to be performed by the group. A short radio program describing and documenting each urban action is finally realised in order to share, and to communicate these explorations.

The interventions were conceived and planned during the winter 2013 in Stockholm; and performed collectively over two weeks in April. The resulting radio pieces have been delivered weekly from May to October 2013 on the Hållbar stad website in a series of radio podcasts.

The actions composing LUR are based in site-specific choreographies on daily experiences and places. Everyday life is, at the same time, both our subject and the raw material of our interventions. In essence we tried to enhance some elements that are already part of an environment, even though they are sometimes ignored due to their common nature: footsteps, resonances, thoughts on someone else’s behaviour, and so on. Some of the actions entailed a hidden or subtle presence in the public space, some others affirmed clearly their visibility (or audibility), but all relied on local spatial, sensible or social qualities.

Participants: Eduardo Abrantes, Ulrika Berge, Niklas Billström, Johanna Byström, Ylva Fred, Sara Franceschi, Nina Hällgren, Ulrika Jansson, Hanna Lantz, My Lindh, Diane Robert, Jenny Simm, Sophia Sundqvist,

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