Playing the Space

Artikel: Tillfällig arkitektur. Vad är frågan? Direkt från London.
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CD: Playing the Space. A City Walk.
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Art and artistic research projects run by Ricardo Atienza, architect, sound artist and researcher and Monica Sand, artist and researcher

2013-  Walk in the steps of Rubicon. Gothenburg´s nomadic art scene during the 1980s

2012-2014 In-Situ Action: Resonance, Improvisation and Variations of Public Places
2011 In situ-ing: Rhythm, Ambience and Identity

funded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)
hosted by Swedish Centre of Architecture and Design, Stockholm, Sweden.

2009-2011 Getting Lost with Punctuality and Precision, founded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), hosted by University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack), Stockholm


Project description:

What will happen if we treat the city as a play ground? In its double meaning of playful events and playing instruments, a variations of artists, architects, musicians, dancers and researchers explore the urban setting and situations by composing and recomposing its rhythms and resonance. Our artistic interventions start off with the daily experience of a voyage, a place or a walk, immersed in the common situation as pedestrians and citizens. By variations of those situations – interruption and breaks, by instruments and vocal expressions, transformation of common movements and events “out of place” – we transform the place into a playground. By the action we create new situations within the existing and established another awareness of urban qualities, limits, forces and meanings, that can serve both as descriptions of daily social life and practical tools for actions.

Key concepts: urban, play, composition, resonance, improvisation

About us:

Ricardo Atienza is an architect, researcher and sound artist. In his installations, sound pieces and sonic design activities, the relations between space, place and sound are explored from this interdisciplinary approach. Lecturer and researcher at Konstfack (University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Stockholm) and researcher at Arkitektur- och Designcentrum (Swedish Centre of Architecture and Design, Stockholm). PhD Architect, he is also associate researcher at Laboratoire Cresson (Centre for Sound Space and Urban Environment Research), France.

Monica Sand, artist  and researcher with a phD in Architecture from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Now based at the Swedish Centre of Architecture and Design as artistic reseracher she is working with exhibitions, actions, and research network. In collective settings artists, dancers, architects and researchers are exploring spatial, social and corporeal rhythms and its forces in public space. At KTH and during her postdoc at Konstfack (University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Stockholm) she produced courses and lectures based on the artistic practise, as well as explorations and experiments of how to form artistic research as a new field.
Earlier art works: In between art and science and Acting Physics